Chad Adams

Kansas City based - Author, Speaker, User Experience Developer/Designer, Software Architect & iOS Developer


Chad Adams
Chad Adams

Chad is a Kansas City native currently working at Microsoft as a User Experience software architect. Chad has a B.F.A. in Commercial Art and Human Computer Interaction.

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What does Chad do?

Chad both designs and builds software, and software UI. He validates the user/customer experience and creates a plan to develop a user experience that fits the needs of a client's customers while also validating the Business Analytics requirements with the design.

Also, Chad has 15+ years in Aglie software development and User Experience design building real-world applications for web and mobile applications, using technologies such as React.js, TypeScript, Swift, and C# to name a few. He has also engaged with small buisness clients with smaller budgets, to Fortune 500 companies, and public-sector clients, with multi-million dollar projects.

He is also an accomplished iOS Developer and designer, with experience in designing in Sketch, Adobe XD, & Figma while building engaging iOS Apps using Core Animation, Storyboards, and the new Swift UI, while connecting data with Cloud platforms such as Azure.

Chad also works in custom Web UI Development working on web applications with Node.js, Core, React.js, and Angular, as well as being Azure & Dynamics Certified

Published Books

Mastering JavaScript High-Performance

Master the art of building, deploying, and optimizing faster web applications with JavaScript.

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Learning Python Data Visualization

Master how to build dynamic HTML5-ready SVG charts using Python and the Pygal library.

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Xamarin Certified Mobile Professional

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